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The Importance of Fuel Additive for Your Engine

Modern diesel vehicles are pretty fantastic! I don't know if any of you readers have driven in one lately (2012+), but it is incredible how quiet, powerful and efficient they are.

Often we technicians don't realize that the nice shiny Mercedes E class that we are diagnosing is a Diesel until we open the hood! A far cry from the old, rattling 3/4 ton Chevy trucks of the '80's that you can hear and smell long before you can see them!

Part of what makes the modern diesel engine so quiet is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

The DPF is responsible for catching a lot of the soot and by-products from normal diesel ignition, effectively reducing overall emissions and practically eliminating the black smoke cloud that we so commonly see behind the aforementioned trucks.

The bad news is that DPF's are prone to clogging up and restricting exhaust flow. One of the main contributors to the filter failure is the quality of the diesel fuel - Similar to how leaded gasoline hurts the insides of catalytic converters (remember the '70's?). In essence: Modern diesels require modern diesel fuel.

Modern diesel fuel is referred to as "ultra-low-sulfur-diesel", as sulfur is the element that contributes to the chemical reaction most harmful to the DPF - thus hurting how effective  the DPF is at reducing those pesky emissions.

Unfortunately this is EXTRA bad news for older diesel engines as the chemical process of removing the sulfur from the diesel fuel also reduces its lubricity.

Older diesel engines, (from about 2005 and earlier), relied on the fuel to provide lubrication to several critical components such as the fuel injectors and mechanical fuel pumps.

With modern diesel fuel, these parts are seeing performance loss, accelerated wear and, (ultimately) failure.

But not all is bleak and depressing for the mechanical diesel engine!

There are several reputable companies such as LiquiMoly that provide additives that will treat the fuel and make it safe for use in that old Volkswagen Rabbit or 1st gen Cummins!

best diesel additive

If you already own or are considering the purchase of an older diesel powered vehicle, we strongly recommend that you start using a fuel lubricity additive every time you fill up the tank! Your engine will thank you.

Does your vehicle need a special attention? Schedule an appointment with Dancia Motors today and experience the difference firsthand. Your vehicle will thank you for it!

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