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1960 Nash Metropolitan

Updated: May 13, 2023

I don't really know why, but I have ALWAYS wanted one of these!

We picked this little Nash up in Edmonton last September and can't wait to bring it back to life.

I was a little nervous when we loaded it onto the truck as this was nearly a "sight-unseen" acquisition.

I had only seen a couple of pictures of the car in the online ad, then I got a buddy of my wife's uncle, (who lives waaay closer to Edmonton than we do) to go and verify that it actually existed and to give me the thumbs-up.

Sometimes gambling pays off - the underside was very dirty and covered in spiderwebs but once we unloaded it and cleaned it up a bit, it turns out that the car is in surprisingly good condition!

I wouldn't classify it as a "survivor", but the complete and original interior that hasn't become a rodent hotel is a huge plus!

The paint is original and has attained a killer level of patina that we are going to try to preserve.

The Nash Metropolitan is a very interesting vehicle. It was an American car that was built in England using BMC parts. Produced from 1954 to 1962 it was America's first sub-compact car and was powered by the same B-series engines that are found in many other British vehicles. Early models are badged under the Hudson marque.

THIS Metropolitan, (dubbed The Metroid) has its original high compression 1200cc engine. This is the same engine fitted to the MGA. Our plan is to swap in an 1800cc engine from a 1977 MGB donor as well as its 4-speed transmission.

Beyond the engine swap, this car requires a serious going-through to get it safe and ready for action. Stay tuned!

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