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1960 Nash Metropolitan UPDATE

Updated: Mar 21

Things are picking up again with our little Metropolitan!

The transmission that we are using is a 4-speed full synchro unit from a 1977 MGB.

This transmission is physically identical to the original Nash 3-speed transmission! The Nash mounts, clutch slave cylinder and driveshaft can all bolt right on - how great is that!?

The only issue, of course, is that the Nash was a column shift car and the MGB shifts on the floor.

The MGB shifter uses an "extension housing" to locate the shifter farther rearward.

This is not going to work for our application - The shifter would interfere with the stock bench seat that we are going to reuse.

With the assistance of our good friend, Chris from Moyse Enterprises in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, the solution was to (not-so) simply remove the extension. (

Although this is a "late" MGB transmission (MG stopped producing the B in 1980), we opted to use an "early" shifter as it looks more correct in the Metropolitan.

The early shifter retaining cover is sprung. Those springs provide the downward force that keeps the shifter in its home.

To make for a smoother, positive feel, we chose to machine a brass "top" for the shifter instead.

Although the original setup is satisfactory, this modification should also reduce wear and tear.

The finished product is very exciting. The shifter stabs straight into the transmission and we were able to retain the MGB reverse light switch! Win.

Next we need to make some repairs to the crossmember so that we can test fit the transmission to check tunnel clearances. Then we can FINALLY finish the floors!

Stay tuned...

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