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Our Technician Shae took part in an amazing opportunity in November 2023.

The BCWITT (British Columbia Women in the Trades) foundation organizes Cohorts each year all over Canada with the intention of bringing minority groups in the trades together.

These events provide new perspectives, leadership training, and a way for underrepresented trades people to network.

Shae had an amazing time and took so much away from this experience. She encourages any person who feels they are underrepresented in the trades to reach out to BCWITT and get involved! 

Here’s Shae with one of the amazing BCWITT Cohort organizers, Tammy-Lee.

Here’s Shae with the ONLY other mechanic (Lizzie) from the group that attended this event.

Group photo with all the lovely people from the group! Lindsay Kearns is seen in the lower row, farthest left. None of this would be possible without her. If you or someone you know is interested, she’s the person the contact! Shae can be found repping the Dancia Motors shirt right in the middle. 

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